• History

    The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Colorado Springs was founded in 1988 and incorporated in 1989 in a response to promote and assist in minority-owned small business development, specifically Hispanic - owned businesses in the Colorado Springs area. Founders, Lionel Rivera, first Hispanic Mayor of Colorado Springs, Fred “Johnny” Garcia, Henry Quintana, Patricio Smith, and Rudy Trujillo provided the passion, commitment, and dedication to build the Hispanic Chamber. This handful of eager and energetic business entrepreneurs provided the vision, platform, and structure of what was known as the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Colorado Springs.  Over 20 years, the Chamber saw tremendous growth and change. It was committed to fostering the goals of the organization geared towards the start-up, retaining, and expanding of local based small minority businesses in the region. During the past 31 years, the number of Colorado Springs Hispanic owned businesses has increased significantly and with Hispanics as the largest minority group in the Colorado Springs area, this phenomenal growth signifies a more diverse marketplace. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Colorado Springs and it’s members were a vital link to future business relationships with culturally diverse consumer, workforce, and expanding global economy. In 2004, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce named the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Colorado Springs, Medium Hispanic Chamber of the Year, Region ll.  From 2005 and beyond, the Chamber continued to evolve and worked to foster business support to small businesses and Hispanic-owned businesses.  In 2007 under the leadership of President and CEO, Joe Aldaz, the Hispanic Chamber hosted one of its largest galas with over 500 guests featuring Esai Morales as keynote speaker and the King of New Mexico music, Tobias Rene.  In 2009 after 20 years of providing support to small minority businesses in the region, the Chamber ended its services.

    In January 2016, local Hispanic entrepreneurs led by Anthony Perez, Gene Sanchez, Steven Sanchez, and Cory Arcarese resurrected the Hispanic Chamber as the Concilio Hispano de Empresas de Colorado Springs affectionately known as "El Concilio."  El Concilio is a noble grassroots effort to launch and grow small businesses and Hispanic-owned businesses, but also serve as a resource to all businesses in the Pikes Peak region.

    In June 2019, the Colorado Springs Hispanic Business Council Board of Directors approved the inclusion of the tagline, "The Hispanic Chamber."   The organization is now known as The Colorado Springs Hispanic Business Council - The Hispanic Chamber.